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Website Allvpn.org was born in January 2015 year.

Author of the project decided to pick up a VPN-service to ensure the necessary level of data protection while traveling. Search engines were given a lot of results, but they were on the article type "Top 10 VPN services" or "most popular VPN-provider", but did not offer a tool for the selection of service for some specific criteria, such as price, jurisdiction or methods of payment .

As a result, the idea to create a website. where it was possible, as Ebay or Amazon, select the VPN-service that would meet the needs of the user as accurately as possible. Since its inception, and until today the site is constantly updated. In addition to the new services, the mechanism of interaction with the VPN-providers was developed XML-based protocol to automate the update of the price change of jurisdiction, updates to payment systems or new servers. Now, this mechanism is still under development and implementation. It is also preparing corresponding technical documentation for the VPN-providers, so that they have made the necessary steps on their servers. The testing process with major VPN-providers already underway.

When this mechanism will be implemented - we can 100% guarantee that the information contained on this website is relevant. Agree, not a single author with reviews and tests of the VPN-services will not be able to ensure that, for example, the prices quoted in his article, relevant and to this day. Allvpn.org We have all the necessary technical developments, to give you such a guarantee!
Approximate start time Allvpn.xml ™ System - Winter 2017

. It also plans to create his articles and news section, to inform our customers about the news in the field of Internet security, as well as provide you with the necessary instructions on how to set up and use VPN.
Finish work on the launch of the information section of the site is planned by the end of 2016 year.

Our mission:
The safety and protection of personal data above all else!

Our main principle:
The relevance and accuracy of the data.

How is the rating calculated AllVPN?

The Allvpn rating is an average between all the assessments, which put visitors to the website provided in the listing service.

The maximum score that can be given user — 5, minimum 1.

One user can rate only 1 time.

What is a VPN?

VPN (Eng Virtual Private Network -. Virtual Private Network) - the generalized name technologies to provide one or more network connections (logical network) over another network (eg the Internet).

First of all, VPN is used when organizing remote access to corporate resources - namely, to ensure safety of such compounds. However, the technology of virtual private networks went beyond the corporate sector, and appeared VPN-providers who provide routing services through its servers located in different parts of the world.

If you explain in simple terms, the VPN - is when over your existing Internet connection rises another: an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the server of the provider, which provides you the VPN service. Thus all your traffic goes through the tunnel. That is, the VPN server - it is what stands between your computer and the website or online service to which you are applying. At the destination site, you get to have the server IP-address through which you are connecting.

At the same time the connection between your computer and the VPN-server can be compared with the steel pipe, inside of which can not "see" any attackers who want to steal valuable information or your ISP, or government bodies that control Internet providers. I visited the same site you will "think" that you are in the country, which is the VPN-server through which you connect to the Internet.

What is a VPN?

1. To gain access to forbidden sites

Increasingly, governments block access to various Internet resources. Most of these locks are justified, but, alas, not all. Often sites are blocked for political reasons. Sometimes because of the failure to block an individual page on a good site, block the entire site, and sometimes just a particular site is blocked by mistake.

2. To protect your Internet connection

If you are working on your laptop, tablet or other device with important data, the desire to protect this data makes sense. To protect data you must when using public access points Wi-Fi (such as at airports, cafés or hotels), and just retreating from likely attention from the employees of your ISP or law enforcement officials.

Also, having some knowledge, an attacker could create a fake WiFi network and you connect to it, will give him all of your important data. However, if you connect via VPN your information is protected, no matter what Internet connection you are using.

3. Hide your real IP address

As is known, knowing the IP address, you can apply to the provider, to determine exactly who and where he visited the site, which was selected at the entrance to the site. Agree, not always want to introduce myself by visiting the websites. It's like buying in a regular store to show your passport.

4. To get access to foreign services that are not available from your country of residence

There are a lot of great services "Amazon Instant videos", "Lovefilm", "Netflix", "Spotify" and others. To use them, you must have the IP address of the country in which permitted the use of this service.

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